The best place in saigon to eat and drink … and have a good time – Retro vibes with Gon & Nhe

Let’s back to the Saigon 70s with Gon & Nhe in vintage style

Retro vibes with Gon & Nhe

Upon Entering GN, you will not only enjoy the food but also the vintage Saigon 70s architechure.

It is at this place that all the city’s forgotten charms revived. Let’s have a look inside.

Having a tremendous love for the old Saigon, our design team decided that keeping everything intact is the best option. Details such as doorways, floors and tiles..,etc

Retro vibes with Gon & Nhe4

Furthermore, furnitures are placed in a way that  brings out that retro vibe.

The above photo portrays a bit of what GN is all about, simple yet elegant with tailored banquet seatings and a map of Pre-war Saigon-Cho lon.

The scene gets more realistic on the way up.

This is upstairs, where you get a taste of our chef’s finest, with a view and fresh air.

Telephone to contact : +8490 961 34 08

For reservation : + 8490 743 37 05

Address locate on : 6 Ngo Thoi Nhiem  street, Ward 7, District 3

Facebook :,beer/

Instagram :


House picks:

Gon & Nhe’s food features a wide variety of Southern Vietnam gastronomy, of which we will briefly introduce.

–  ‘Mekong style’ frog:

Mekong style_ frog

A down-to-earth, beer-friendly dish with chopped frogs deep-fried and smashed lemongrass, both well-seasoned.

Feel the crispness of perfection in your mouth. Then crave for more.

–  Chicken wings with 5 spices:

Chicken wings with 5 spices

This is the kind of food that brings family together.

Small but meaty pieces of poultry go into fiery wok to give it a beautifully colored look. Sealed of with the secret sauce that no one can hate. Have a bite to see what tenderness really means. Aromatic yet well-balanced to the last bite.

–  Deep-fried sun-dried fish:

Deep-fried sun-dried fish

Sun-dried croakers coated with a thin layer of salt to preserves its natural flavor. Pair with our homemade kimchi and pickle and you won’t have it any other way.

–  Boneless beef shank in fish sauce:

Boneless beef shank in fish sauce

Unlike other dishes on the menu, this is rather a Northern-origin delicacy. Boneless chunks were half boiled so that they still maintain the juices even after going into a jar filled with fish sauce. The beef is kept up to three days in room temperature. Then served in slices. Feel the flavor party going in your mouth while you hover chopsticks for another bite.


Volvamos al Saigon de los años 70 con Gon & Nhe y estilo vintage

Al ingresar a GN, no solo disfrutará de la comida, sino también de la arquitectura vintage del Saigon de los 70.

Es en este lugar donde reviven todos los encantos olvidados de la ciudad. Echemos un vistazo al interior …

Al tener un gran amor por el viejo Saigón, nuestro equipo de diseño decidió que mantener todo intacto es la mejor opción. Detalles como puertas, pisos y azulejos …, etc.

La escena se vuelve más realista en el camino ascendente.

Esto está arriba, donde obtienes el sabor de los mejores platos de nuestro chef, con una vista y aire fresco.


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